I Won’t Forget: Worship on Wednesday

Worship on Wednesday, a time to honor and be refreshed in the Lord. #singanewsong #worshiponwednesday


One hundred and counting! No that’s not my age. This is my 100th post!!! Woohoo!

Some of you have been with me at Grace Lace and Polkadots since the beginning, and others have discovered the blog along the way. Whether you have read all 100 blog posts or this is your first time to visit…THANK YOU! Without you my writing would be lost in cyber space. Thank you for every Like, Comment and Share.

I appreciate each and everyone of you. I pray you have, and will continue to be, encouraged in the Lord through my writing. As the Apostle Paul said (my version) “I thank my God for y’all.”


The day when light shattered the dark. It blows my mind to think of how much God loves us that He was willing to pay the price for us to be reconciled to himself. Besides the physical torture Jesus experienced on the cross, I think maybe the emotional torture of separation was far greater. Mark 15:34 “And at the ninth hour Jesus cried out in a loud voice, “Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani?” – which means, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

Jesus was the purest person on earth, sinless, without spot or blemish. That is why He could pay the price for our salvation. That is why His death, His blood was acceptable to the Father. He didn’t deserve to die, He didn’t have to carry the weight of our (my) sin; He chose to. He knew it was the only way to reunite us back into fellowship and right standing with God.

“I won’t forget the price you paid. Though death was mine, You took my place.

I won’t forget the sacrifice, for to this love I owe my life.” (1st verse of I won’t Forget)


Maybe you are reading this post and you don’t know Jesus, let me introduce Him to you. He is kind, loving and generous. He is the son of God and He loves you very much just like God the Father does. He wants more than anything for you to know His love, He cares about you and every detail of your life.

He’s waiting for you. You don’t have to fix yourself before coming to Him. You can’t earn His love; He gives it freely. There is no set prayer to say or eloquent words needed, simply speak from your heart. Forgiveness is waiting for you, ask and receive.

Happy Easter everyone.


Enjoy this song by Bethel Music, I Won’t Forget.






One Desire: Worship on Wednesday

Worship on Wednesday is a time to come together and lift our hearts with song to the Lord.

Have you ever walked in late to worship at church? I have on a few occasions and honestly I found it difficult to enter in, almost like I was trying to play catch-up bringing my heart into line. Well today I feel like I am playing catch-up with the Worship on Wednesday post.

Life happens, we procrastinate and time goes by so we decide to put things off until tomorrow. Today is my tomorrow so to speak and my plans to write early went by the board with one phone call.

Daughter: “Mam, the baby has a temp, don’t think she should go to daycare.”

Me (sighing): “Bring her to me.”

The baby who will be three in July is now fast asleep, and so here I am playing press the keys as fast as I can before she wakes up. I know those of you with young children understand where I’m coming from.

This week for Worship on Wednesday I have chosen One Desire, from NLC Worship album Our God & Our King.

“Yours is the love of my heart, Lord Jesus. Desperate I pour out my life. To gaze on your beauty and worth forever. You’re my one desire.”

May Jesus be our one desire.




Worship on Wednesday: Reckless Love

Windshield wipers were full-on working hard to give me a clear view of the road as dark, heavy clouds continued to empty their water load upon an already wet Central Arkansas. I was not going to let the rain deter me from going to the worship night at church.

Worship on Wednesday is a time to come together and lift our hearts with song to the Lord.

When you are familiar with a song it’s easier to enter into worship as you don’t have to concentrate on the words. With my hands still raised and my eyes still closed, one of the worship team members began to sing these words;

“Before I spoke a word, You were singing over me. You have been so, so good to me.

Before I took a breath, You breathed Your life in me. You have been so, so kind to me.”

Gentle, reassuring words. Words I knew were true in my own life. He has been so, so good and, oh so kind to me. Not knowing the song I opened my eyes to read the words on the large screen.

“Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending, reckless love of God.”

I was hooked. So much truth in one song. God’s love for you and I overwhelms us in a good way. I am so glad that God chases us (me) with His love. A love that stays the course throughout eternity.

Listen to Cory Asbury sing Reckless Love. Let the words sink deep into your soul and be encouraged today that God is for you.



Worship On Wednesday: Bless Your Name

Worship on Wednesday is a time to come together and lift our hearts with song to the Lord.

I read a Billy Graham quote this past week, not sure if I remember it exactly but it was something like this. “I have never met a person who has given their heart to the Lord and regretted it.”  I have to agree, I too have never met anyone who knows God’s grace and forgiveness first hand regret knowing Him.

What’s to regret? Knowing His faithfulness, or His mercy? Knowing His love and kindness? Knowing that He accepts us because of Jesus? His love for us is vast and unmeasurable. He gives us His joy in place of our sorrows, sweetness to replace our bitterness. He takes our heart of stone and gives us a heart of flesh. I have no regrets, only gratitude.

Praise the Lord, my soul. Lord my God, you are very great; you are clothed with splendor and majesty. Ps: 104:1

It’s our privilege to honor Him with praise, to bless His name. Think about that for a moment; we, you and I get to bless the One who created us. He could of created us like robots with no choice but to worship Him. Instead He gave us the freedom to choose.

This week get up on your feet, dance before the Lord as Charles D King leads us in praise to the Lord as he sings Bless His Name.



Worship on Wednesday: My Beloved

Worship on Wednesday. A time mid-week to enter in to His presence and be encouraged in your spirit.

This Valentine week know you are loved by the greatest lover ever to exist, and I’m not taking about your spouse. The lover I’m talking about is Jesus, the one who loves you more intimately than anyone ever could. The one who never leaves your side. The one who remains faithful throughout this life and eternity.

Your are loved, even if you didn’t get a Valentine gift.

You are loved, even if your marriage dissolved into ashes.

You are loved, even though you have a hard time loving yourself.

Believe it. You are LOVED.

Sit back, close your eyes and listen to Beloved sang by Kari Jobe. The heart of our Heavenly Father sings over us drawing us to Himself.






He Didn’t Give Me a Valentine Gift: Does that Mean He doesn’t Love Me?

When we don't receive gifts from our man on Valentines Day, does it say "I don't love you." Or is he just un-romantic?

Photo: Alexandria-Seinet Unsplash


Love is More than a Box of Chocolates

Do you remember the advert on television where the guy runs a gauntlet of obstacles to get to his girl to give her a box of chocolates? All because the lady likes……..(insert name of chocolates).

It’s Valentine’s week and my guess is many of us are hoping our man would be more like the guy in the chocolate advert. Reality check, for most it isn’t going to happen!

As a young wife I thought my husband didn’t love me if he failed to buy me a gift on Valentine’s Day. How silly of me to judge his love based on one day a year but, we do that don’t we? No Valentines card declaring undying love, no flowers, chocolates or jewelry and we think he no longer loves us.

Daily Expressions

The truth is not all men are romantic. If you are married to a non-romantic it often hurts, but please do not equate his unromantic status with him being unloving. Look at the full picture, there is more than one way to express love. How does he treat you on a daily basis? Is he kind, courteous and thoughtful? Does he look out for your well being? Open your eyes to the little things he does and says. You will be surprised at what you see and the depth of love your husband has for you…even without the Valentine gift. Take note of his daily expressions of love.

Extravagant Love

Whether the man in our life is romantic or not, there is one who loves us more than any man could possibly love us. More than we can love ourselves. His name is Jesus. Paul writes in Ephesians 3:17-19

“…that with both feet firmly planted on love, you’ll be able to take in with all Christians the extravagant dimensions of Christ’s love. Reach out and experience the breadth! Test its length! Plumb the depths! Rise to the heights! live full lives, full in the fullness of God.”

The extravagant dimensions of Christ love! Oh that we would get to know and live out our lives in and through His love for us and as we do that we would love others well; including our non-romantic husbands.

Happy Valentines Day to you all. You are dearly loved by your Heavenly Father.

Even when we feel unloved there is one who loves us more than we love ourselves.

Do you have a Valentine tradition? Tell me in the comments, would love to hear about them.


Looking to Jesus. Living in His Radiance




Leaning into Thankful: Part 3 of 3

Returning Home to Grace

NLC Worship CD, Our God & Our King song Thankful, describes where I was, and where my heart is now. I have written the words to the song in bold throughout this post, I pray you are encouraged by them.

Though I accepted Jesus as my savior in my teens, I would be in my late forties before I realized what grace was about and Who grace is!

For ten years I was away from church. It wasn’t something I decided to do one Sunday morning; it was a slow walking away. Missed a meeting here, missed a meeting there, and before I realized it ten years had gone by. Ten years away from fellowship with the saints of God and ten years away from personal fellowship with my Heavenly Father. My bible gathered dust and my prayers were not powerful, they were; Pitiful. Worrisome. Complaining prayers. Sometimes they were cries for help, but mostly they were pity-party style.

I was homesick. A foreigner in a foreign land and I longed to go home where people understood me. I had moved countries and hadn’t settled in a church, I had visited many but none seemed a good fit, so it was easy to miss meetings. No-one was going to miss me.

Nightly muffled tears ran down my cheeks as I silently prayed, “Lord, I wanna go home.” I was referring to my earthly home. He knew better. I needed my spiritual home. I needed Him.

I was invited to attend a bible study group in a neighbor’s home; I went because I didn’t like to say no to my sweet neighbor. The group met weekly and I returned each week even though most weeks I reckoned it was going to be my last week. Slowly I was being drawn back to the Father. I knew I needed to find a church home.

I visited two other churches before I walked into New Life Church (NLC). As soon as I walked into the sanctuary I felt the presence of the Lord, something (someone) I had not felt in ten years. A sigh went out from deep within me as I breathed out the words “Home.”

I was lost, Jesus you found me. In your mercy you sought me out, lifted me out of the ashes, to your unfailing love. To your unfailing love

I was lost, but He knew where I was and He was patient with me. He didn’t leave me but drew me quietly back to Himself. The song talks about the Lord lifting us out of the ashes and pulling us out of the wreckage. That is exactly what He did for me, and He will do it for you if you are willing.

 You came for me when I was lost, hopelessly lost. Your life for my liberty on the cross traded on the cross.

I was the guilty-one not Jesus, yet He died for me, trading places so I may live in His liberty and freedom. He did this for you too.

King of Kings, rising in Glory. To the darkness your light has come, pulling me out of the wreckage to your unfailing love. To your unfailing love

His love is truly unfailing, He is not fickle like me, and the pressures of this life don’t control Him. He is light and He brought me out from under the dark cloud that engulfed me.

For your love everlasting, I will be thankful. For your mercy unending, I will be thankful. For the cross that you carried, I will be thankful. All my sin has been buried, I will be thankful.

I am thankful God did not give up on me, thankful He pursued me before and after I asked Him to be in my heart. I am forever thankful for His love, His mercy, His sacrifice and His forgiveness. I am thankful for His unfailing love. I am thankful I came face to face with Grace.

Our Heavenly Father waits for us with eager eyes and a longing heart for our return home to Him. He pursues us with His love and gently draws us closer to Himself. Come home dear one, back into fellowship with the One who loves you. He’s waiting for you.


Looking to Jesus. Living in His Radiance

I had the privilege of sharing this article a few months back on Alice Standford’s blog mesetfree.com be sure to check her website out. Oops! sorry my link button is not working to connect you straight to Alice’s blog, but type in her web address in a search engine, you’ll be glad you did.