What Do You Dream of Doing Someday?

Photo John Salzarulo

Every year after Thanksgiving dinner either my son-in-law, or my son, will get the Christmas tree from a high shelf in the garage and place it at the far end of the kitchen, where it awaits my attention.

And there it sits, snuggled neatly in the long oblong box held together with more packing tape than is sold in most stores.

I want to open the box and erect the tree, but dishes wait for me (full dishwasher). So I dutifully fill the sink with hot soapy water and one by one utensils, pots, pans and the plastic plates used by the little people of the family are cleansed of all evidence of the meal.

And the tree sits patiently in the box.

Family have long gone. It’s late. I’m tired. There’s a good movie to watch and I relax in the recliner next to my husband.

“Are you going to put the tree up?”

With weary eyes I glance over to the long oblong box, sighing I reply “Someday.”

Someday I Will?

Someday I’ll write a book. Someday I’ll lose the extra pounds I have gained. Someday I’ll learn to swim. Someday I’ll ………….. ( you fill in the blank).

I like how Kelly Johnson author of Being Brave: A 4o Day Journey to the Life God Dreams for You writes on Day 30 of the devotional. I quote.

“Someday is rich with promise and possibility but does not require immediate attention. Someday allows one more episode of Netflix, another half hour of Facebook, or another season of prayer for discernment and clarity. Someday is comfortable and safe. Someday lets me off the hook.”

Tomorrow is Not Promised

“Do not boast about tomorrow, for you do not know what a day may bring.” Proverbs 27:1

When I was young, someday was a hope for the future, a dream yet to be fulfilled. We expect to live long lives and so put our dreams into the someday box only to be viewed on special occasions. We procrastinate because we think we have all the time in the world. We don’t. We are not promised tomorrow, let alone next year.

What is the Someday thing you have been putting off? Maybe it’s a conversation with a friend. A college course you would like to pursue. A ministry you would love to work at, or perhaps you dream of owning a coffee shop where prayer is offered.

I get it, sometimes our dreams have to wait, we have periods in life when others come before our dreams. Most times we (me) use putting others first as an excuse to procrastinate. Usually procrastination is due to fear of failure or perfectionism.

Either way they are both excuses for our Someday.

I’ll close with a question from Kelly, “What is keeping you from doing the Someday thing now? If it isn’t possible now, what steps could you take to move closer to making that thing a reality sooner?”


Looking to Jesus. Living in His Radiance

Kelly Johnson’s book Being Brave can be purchased through Amazon. It would make a perfect Christmas/Birthday present for that hard to buy for person in your life. In Being Brave, Kelly invites us to consider a new way of thinking about being brave and challenges us to seek a greater intimacy with God and the people God has placed in our lives.

Note: I do not receive compensation for books purchased as a result of reading this blog post. The above, other than direct quotes, are my own thoughts and I feely and whole heartedly recommend Being Brave: Kelly Johnson.





18 thoughts on “What Do You Dream of Doing Someday?

  1. Ah , what a gentle rebuke to change my ‘someday’ to today. Some days , I feel like a procrastinator. Let me finish up the tasks I have put in hold for some time now .



    • Sometimes we have to put things on pause. It’s when we don’t start or continue to leave them on hold indefinitely it becomes a problem.
      We have to say, “right, I’m doing this now.” Which is what I had to tell myself to go write the blog post that you have so kindly read.

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  2. I love this! Just last week I was reminded of David’s plea- “teach us to number our days, oh Lord”. What you say is so true. Tomorrow is is not promised and some day can be today. This was a great confirmation and reminder. Thank you xx


    • Yes Lori, the tree is up and my 5 yr old grandson helped me decorate it…so a lot of the same color around the bottom of the tree…oh well, he enjoyed decorating with me and I with him.
      Glad you were blessed and encouraged. I too still have my Somedays.


    • Judith, the Lord controls the number of days we spend on earth. The post was about how we put off doing the things we dream about.
      The Lord hears your heart’s desire for a third child. I pray your request is granted whether the child comes naturally or through adoption.

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  3. Beautiful advice! Wouldn’t it be nice if I could get down to my someday stuff? This calls for discipline. I like Kelly Johnson’s question that you ended with. Great food for thought.


  4. While waiting for the “somedays” that I am unprepared to live out, I will be seeking to appreciate the “todays.” Your article is sweet, easy to read, and makes us think! Our time is precious, and ever ticking away….

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  5. I agree that some day is too far away. There is always going to be a tomorrow. So why not today to start doing the things we want to do.


  6. This is so well written Helena. Such a good reminder that we aren’t guaranteed any tomorrows and so insightful that we usually procrastinate due to our own fears and insecurities. I have my tree up but the decorations … someday. Haha

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